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It’s really not hard at all to learn any instrument. The harder it is to learn, the more likely the player is to lose confidence, become an amateur and then give up. It’s something you need to work on in order to learn the fundamentals: the way you reach your notes, the way you feel when you play a particular chord and so on.

In music, to go on a journey you must first stop at one particular point, to see a beautiful city, to experience a symphony, a concert, get lost in a movie, an old photograph that speaks for the past and so on. You must discover a new way of watching movies, discovering new things in life and so on.

And so there’s a process of discovering, a journey, to go down and learn the fundamentals of the violin, that’s the reason why it’s so difficult to learn.

That’s also why you need to keep learning. When I was younger, I’d stay away from music lessons all the time and then come back when the violin was so ingrained that the skills wouldn’t really take me anywhere. It didn’t help. What I got from playing violin in my spare time was a lot of knowledge, but little actual practice…until I finally decided that I needed some real practice.

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And so, the next day I’d take to the internet and start practicing.

It was then that I really started to learn. Not the violin, not the violinists, but more about the violin, the way it was made, the sounds it should make for the body and the way it was made to be heard and appreciated. And also the way people should play it and the way they should use different positions/variations/changes to the same notes to create new shapes.

Of course, there’s no point in practicing one thing just to get the feeling of it. There’s no point at all. Practice is not about learning, it’s about discovering, about moving forward; not about memorizing, not about memorizing; about finding what works for you and not what just doesn’t work for you; and finally about experimenting with the various positions and shapes to learn, to learn new things and find new ways of playing.

I really got this through a process of experimentation. I was always trying new things and seeing what worked and what didn’t. Eventually, I realized that if I was going to work on the violin, then I needed to learn how to practice like

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Is it hard to learn the violin? – Violin Lessons App
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