Is French horn harder than violin? – How To Learn Piano Notes Quickly Definition

We’ve all got a question on our lips.

The answer is yes, but I feel very strongly that what is most beautiful about trumpet is the harmonizing qualities of its sounds. It has a great sound in its purest form.

This is what made Beethoven so interesting when composing the Mozart Concertos. His trumpet sounds were very exciting, he was in this sense an early inventor of ‘electroacoustic’ technology. You could not hear what he was doing until you heard what he was hearing. A trumpet sound is more dynamic than the brass instruments in these pieces. Beethoven could play at the tempo he wanted using only two, or perhaps seven or ten notes in an octave: that’s very unusual sounding. These other types of instruments sounded all right, but he used his trumpet to do something else. It is the same for viola and oboe. They just sound like normal, ordinary instruments, but this unique trumpet sound is the one that makes these pieces really exciting.

And that is why the horn has such an impact on Beethoven. To a great extent we could do with it what Beethoven did, but with all due respect I agree that it is his horn. The most important thing is to play to the sound of it, by the way. You will find this in Beethoven’s music. He did not have the ability to see what other instruments are going to sound like, he just gave a sound to the trumpet, that is what made it interesting for the reader. Beethoven was the first to create a new type of instrument, one that is quite unique, and also to play such a unique and beautiful music.

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I’d like to hear you play Beethoven, I think this is a worthy exercise, I hope you will enjoy it!

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Treaty of Paris (1562)

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Is French horn harder than violin? – How To Learn Piano Notes Quickly Definition
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