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There are three reasons: (1) There is no guarantee if the new instrument will have the same weight as the old one; (2) the second violin is very likely to be a cheaper instrument; and (3) violin makers in China have a huge market share in international markets. It is highly unlikely that the first violin will be a winner. Second violins have a lower weight than a first, and a better quality. But a low-quality second violin may not be worth as much as a first one.

First violins should be purchased as cheaply as possible when you buy a second for first violins. A first violin should be priced at a cost comparable to the cost of the first instrument. When purchasing a second for a first violins, don’t overpay, since you don’t need the new one as much, but be sure that it will be of good quality. First violin should be sold when you have the money (either because you plan to use it or need it). Second violins may not be as good as first; you can still get a lot of profit. When buying a second violin for first violins, be sure you aren’t buying from a company that may sell them for a much lower price than they are worth and are simply taking advantage of you (they may only sell you one) (i.e., make a lot of profit on you). In general, buying a second violin is a mistake that should not be made unless you absolutely have to.

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Another factor in choosing a violin is that a second can come with a higher price tag than a first. This difference is often very small and the difference doesn’t affect one’s decision to buy or not buy. But it matters. A second violin may be better than a first, but its price tag may be much higher. A second has to be more expensive than a first but not so much that the trade off becomes an issue. A second violin may have more bells and whistles in it, and some will probably come in better condition. Because a first violin is often just a second, some people would think that you would need to upgrade (a lot) of the parts if you are buying a second. So while buying a second instrument may be a good idea if you are just after cheaper but still very good, it may not be the best choice if you are looking for a great instrument that will last you through your lifetime or even beyond (see discussion below).

Another argument against buying a second violin for

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Is first violin better than second? – Learn Violin Online Beginner Spanish Courses
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