Is Cello same as violin? – Learn Violin Or Guitar

Cello: it’s the same instrument, just that it’s more complicated with 2 strings, so people have to learn more about it in the beginning
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[on doing the Voice Over in the DVD version] We had done that in the first version, and we got a very good reaction. On the DVD version it was a bit of a headache to do that, but hopefully you’ll understand.

Can you play the same line in both versions (and where I saw the DVD version, it was a little harder)

Cello: you have to move your finger and bend your upper hand in so you can play the same part backwards. That’s not easy at all. It’s a very challenging thing to do in a film and the voiceover is a very important part of that.

This is not just an audio track. The book is very much a story…

Cello: There is quite a lot, and this is the first time you feel all the things that would go into a film. The movie was originally very personal for me, and the last thing I want is to be part of a movie. [Ed.: I asked the director, James Cameron, if he would let me in the film as another character, and he said, “no way,” and later he said he would never let me in the film again, because I was just going to stand in for the villain. See? I’ll ask a question I can answer.]

How does you deal with the fact that you would have to change character at the end of the movie? It seems like the final scenes you shot would be perfect for the voiceover (and the one above), so why stop now?

Cello: That was a very difficult thing, because we had to go with our instincts because if it comes down to it, I’m not going to want to re-shoot my performance and say, “Oh, I need to change my costume because I’m in it! There have been too many times where I thought, I wish I wasn’t in it.” But then I thought, what are the choices? If I go through with all the changes, and everyone still gets it, or if it’s like a real performance and they recognize the same actor, then why not go with it?

Will they be different reactions in different parts of the town? Is it more a reflection of the characters or what they see of the town?

Cello: I think

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Is Cello same as violin? – Learn Violin Or Guitar
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