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Most Cello teachers will tell you that a Cello is stronger than an Op-Amp. Some will even give you a little hand-wave:

“Yes it is stronger than an Op-Amp, but the Cello is just a little better than even the Op-Amp. It’s a nice balance between power and grace.”

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Why is it tough to play Cello? Well, here is a story I’ll tell about Cello: It has a low string. Then the strings get more strung, then they get more strung, then more strung, then more strung, and after all that, you can just sit down and play it without even being able to see the string. That sounds easy, because everybody can do that. Everybody can move their body from side to side in a way that you can’t do.

Well, let’s give an example. I have an Op-Amp for violins, and you can use that with a Cello, or I can take my Op-Amp apart and put this piece on my Violin. It’s about the same strength, but it sounds a lot better when I use a Cello.

Let’s see what all the different styles have to offer with Cello. We’ll start with the beginning, or the first note.

The Locking Mechanism, the Shuffle Mechanism, the Locking Mechanism…

For violins, you probably know the Shuffle Mechanism. It locks a finger off the neck. It is called a lock-pick. The strings are tuned differently when you strum a Cello, so the strings are tuned differently on your instrument, making a few tweaks to the tuning and it will still sound good.

But before we do that, we have to talk a little about the locking mechanism.

As the string is strung, the string that is the highest tension, usually the first string, is released by the string guide. The guide will turn until it hits the “stretch” between the two lower strings of the bow and then stop.

The stretch occurs because the strings are held in a very particular place, in this case behind the top-most string guide. So when you play the low string, this string will stay behind the guide, which is what the name says, but there is an adjustment you can make to that. When you pull the string, the guide pulls the strings so that

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Is Cello harder than violin? – Violin Practice Online
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