Is Cello harder than violin? – How To Learn Violin Youtube Kids App

The Cello is a much larger instrument than the violin, so there is less room and therefore more stress on the Cello strings. So it is much easier to get all the vibrations from the string out into your voice. The violin will also have a much shorter bow, which makes it much easier. Some stringed instruments have larger tips, so the bow will be higher on the violin, causing greater stress.

Is the Cello sound different than the violin?

Mostly – yes. Some strings are more “warm” than the violin strings. There are also a few strings which have a little bit of treble content.

The Cello’s higher octave will be very pleasing to the ear, for me personally. It’s not all that different from the violin, but there is some very enjoyable variations which give you a different type of experience.

I’m unsure if I should buy an instrument from a professional or a private individual.

First of all, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, they are all equally good in their own right. A professional, whether with a small budget or who has been playing the instrument a long time, can sometimes sound a little ‘flabby’. I personally like to do a lot of research on the instruments I play before making a decision, so I am aware of the pros and cons of each individual instrument.

Many of the same factors that affect guitar strings affect the Cello. It all has to do with playing technique, the use of the fingerboard, and the technique you use to hold the Cello string.

What is a good beginner’s lesson, when purchasing a guitar or bass?

There are several very informative books on the subject, so it’s worth trying them out first. You need to look for a beginner’s lesson with a pro and the same is true for a private teacher and a local pro. I recommend the book ‘Introduction to the Cello’.

What about the ‘Lickbook’ from a professional, which is a really helpful guide to Cello techniques.

The best advice I can give here is to ‘Go in there with your ears closed.’ The information for all instruments comes from a professional, which is why it’s such an important part of the purchase process. Don’t get too caught up only with ‘the theory’. There is a place for theory, but it must be coupled with good technique, so you feel confident and comfortable playing the instrument.
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Is Cello harder than violin? – How To Learn Violin Youtube Kids App
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