How much should you pay for a good violin? – Learn Violin For Beginners In Telugu

There’s the issue of the “totally playable” violin: one that gives good sound and is a good size or larger than the average player. A violin that is completely playable, in fact, might not even be worth buying. And I hear a lot of people asking questions like, “How much is that, exactly??” A lot of things can go wrong with a stringed instrument, and the violin might be a high-value part of the bargain! If you can’t find that perfect balance between what you expect to find that is playable and what your budget allows, then the cost could well be worth taking a chance on it!

For example, I used to play a lot of Bach at the beginning of my career. I have since found that some of the best (and cheapest!) pieces I could play — often only as parts of larger movements — don’t work with all of the available instruments. For one thing, they don’t have a good amount of range, so the violin is playing a relatively small part of a larger whole. Some of these pieces may actually have more interesting interpretations…but they won’t actually go well with any of the stringed instruments I can get. And, in some cases, even if the pieces are technically playable, they aren’t very interesting to me, and, honestly, they aren’t playable. In short, some of these pieces simply weren’t for me!

So, the question to ask at that moment is “how much is this violin for?”. A lot of companies tell you exactly that, but the average listener probably doesn’t go to these companies to get told that. So, in order to find out, I go to my local art dealer, usually someone who knows someone in the classical/dance world — and most people will sell you a decent instrument for a fraction of what you think you’ll need to buy it — usually around a thousand dollars.

Then I ask that dealer to try to find pieces that are worth what you’d pay a few years ago, and the dealer will tell me which ones are playable and which ones aren’t and the prices in each category. I try not to spend too much on the better pieces, but I will say that they often add the largest part of value on to the instrument. After asking all of the dealers, maybe at the same time, I find a great deal, and end up getting about a ten-year-old Yamaha Violin and a couple of $4,000-ish Bessie

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How much should you pay for a good violin? – Learn Violin For Beginners In Telugu
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