How much is a violin cost? – How To Play Violin Notes

The basic cost of a violin is two-thirds of the price of a used one.

Do violin owners need a license?

In France, not at all. Violin players can play their instruments free of charge. For details, see Violin.

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Can a viola repair shop do a violin repair?

As far as we know, viola repair has only been done at a few places in the United States. (The most famous viola shop, in San Francisco, has some very interesting photos of its violin repair.)

How much does it cost for an instrument to be repaired in Germany?

A German viola repair is similar to a car repair (you repair the car), but the price is somewhat higher. In the United States, you’ll pay about $10,000 for a car repair, whereas a violin repair will only cost $5000–not bad at all for a little instrument.

Do violins make good gifts to children?

As is quite common with children (and some adults), it pays to buy a violin for the kids with the highest IQ! A grand piano should not be overlooked.

Where can I play a violin?

For a good explanation of the different kinds of violins, see Violins, Vol. 1.

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How much is a violin cost? – How To Play Violin Notes
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