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The answer is “as many hours as you can stand and breathe!” The goal is to develop the strength of the fingers during playing without ever getting tired or sore. The time you put into it also comes to play and enjoy.

So many people don’t know this! A study done by the American Heart Association of over 100,000 children showed that children with higher levels of physical activity, such as the violin, violin solo, and piano lessons can experience lower heart attacks and stroke. (source)

The other side of the coin is there are certain things you should avoid when you are learning a new instrument but if you want to be good at it, the good news is this: When you get good at something, you can continue to improve and improve at that thing throughout the rest of your life.

Here are a few things to keep in mind…

Don’t play a perfect pitch all the time – If you are going to spend hours every day practicing the violin, don’t let the fact that you can’t play some notes for hours prevent you from playing your best.

I have spent hours at a time playing viola, violoncello, cello, cello recital, and all sorts of instruments. My goal is always to produce a good sound, even if it’s not perfect. I always end up giving less of myself than what it takes to play the same notes over and over again. If I do this for three days, it takes me six weeks to figure out what works for me instead of spending three days trying to make perfect notes.

Don’t practice too much, too slow – This is the biggest mistake people make when they first begin practicing. They think they are practicing too much until they reach the point where they can’t even hear a note anymore. If you play a song for an hour and you can’t play some notes on the viola, don’t think that means you just don’t practice enough. Try one piece at a time, and that will tell you a lot!

Play the whole course and be patient – I like to have the practice set to a specific tempo and not too slow. As soon as I can’t hear it, I go back to that part. I have had very bad results when people try to play a piece and then go back to a slower tempo. Playing as fast as humanly possible won’t help you, as you will never hear it.
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Do NOT practice at night People

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How many hours a day should I practice violin? – Learn Piano For Kids Free
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