How do I tune a violin? – How To Play Violin Pdf

We can tune a violin by following a few simple rules of thumb:

A violin will always play the same notes in succession:

The E#-sharp-A-flat note

A high E is a E sharp, and high A is an E flat, the E-flat-sharp-A is the E sharp.

In order to understand these laws, you take a simple instrument and tune it so that the sound is produced by a single note that exists in the scale.

If we tune the string to a tuning that has a single note on one string, like C, each note in the scale is the same, i.e. they repeat every 1/3rd of the fretboard. If we tune to a scale that has a number of notes that make up the string, like Bb, then each note in the scale is a different note.

For example, take a C sharp string tuned from the note A2 to A. The notes that make up the C sound like this: the E A sharp or the E B flat.

So then, the string will never make an E flat or a F sharp, because the notes A or A2 are either A1 or F1 respectively. If we tune to a scale that has C notes every 3rd (Bb, Fb, Db), then each note in the scale is only E1, F1 or A1, and they are repeated every 3rd of the fretboard, i.e. every 1/3rd.

That’s all we’re interested in, and we can tune to scale that have C notes every 1, 2, 3 or 4th of the fretboard.

We don’t tune our harp, however, we play the notes A, D and E, because those notes are already made up of C notes. We’ll cover that later on though!

If you’re not sure you understand the rules of tuning, check out this video.

What do I need to do and where do I find music?

Once you’ve got all your strings tuned and you have an instrument in your hand, the next step is to play music.

There are tons of resources around you that give you the information you need to play your instrument – whether it’s a sheet-music sheet, mp3 files or an online sheet that you can download to your computer.

If you’re looking for some music on

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How do I tune a violin? – How To Play Violin Pdf
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