How do I make my violin less scratchy? – Learn Violin In 30 Days

First of all, you want a very smooth surface. And we are not talking about a scratch-free surface anymore. I mean a smooth surface that is as smooth as a marble, which gives us the characteristic “feeling” and the feeling that’s similar to the feeling of a polished wooden instrument.

To finish the job, and to make the instrument sound the way we like it, we recommend welder.

Here’s a simple procedure for you to follow:

1. Open the case

The back of the case (inside the cover) is part of the body, so as soon as it closes you’ll see where you’re going to put the wires.

So, for example, if you remove the metal cover you don’t have to take off the cover. When you put the back of the case together you only have to remove a small amount from the metal cover.

2. Put the wires as you like (just let it hang a short time to let the metal cover open, so you get all the wires in position for a good fit)

3. Plug the wires (with solder/plugs) to a suitable outlet

4. Leave the case alone for now, as you’ll likely want to attach more wires.

Take care not to damage any of your components with this work, or your finished instrument will not sound that good, and you’ll have a whole lot of extra screws and nuts that you’ll have to pull out and glue down after everything is in place.

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I recommend buying a couple of small pieces of plastic, like 4 mm on each side and 1 mm on the end. This will prevent the metal cover from sliding.

5. Put the cover back together

Once everything is in place with the wires in the holes, the next step is to put the rest of them in place as well.

6. Finish the finish (optional)

Once everything is in place, you’re ready to put the finish on the case. It’s always better to do a final touch before you attach the last few parts, as they can damage anything, such as the metal cover if they get too rough. Also, the finish will keep the wood sound and the sound you’re having. For me, it’s just enough to take a couple of screws and glue them in place. But if you want something more like a new finishing touch, you’ll be glad to know that I’ve included this little

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How do I make my violin less scratchy? – Learn Violin In 30 Days
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