How do I know if my violin is valuable? – Learn Violin Dvd

If you have not researched your violin, don’t worry. All you have to do is pick it up and put it in your case. The price you will pay for the violin will be for the value you receive for the instrument, not the price of the case when it is delivered to you. So, it is important for you not to buy it for the price it is selling for.
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Is a violin worth more than it is worth?

Well no, but it can and will become more than it is worth. Your violin may lose its value over time because you are simply not playing the music you learned with it because you played different music last night.

Do I get a refund on my purchase price if I sell my violin?

You do not. The refund for any sale that takes place has to be paid to a responsible secondary seller, in the same way the original sale price was paid.

I purchased my violin from a violin dealers, is this valid, and can I take advantage of their discount?

No, you will need a violin dealers certificate of authenticity. This form should be signed, dated and sent to us.

Is it hard to sell my violin?

It would take the average customer about 2-3 years to sell their best violin. Some people prefer a less expensive item just because they might have a more difficult time selling it. However, this is not a valid reason for selling the violin but if so the violin must be sold after it has been played and is ready for trade.

I want to have our violin repaired. Is that legal?

Yes it is. If you intend to have the violin repaired by us and if our technician is knowledgeable about the instrument we will provide a detailed written diagnosis of the problem, which will be signed by the technician. This written diagnosis must be accompanied by specific photographic copies of the instruments photographs and a detailed written report from that report.

Can I bring a child with me to the professional’s?

No but children with special needs such as a child with severe allergies, sensory dysfunction or learning disabilities are welcome to take part. Children should be under the age of 14 (15 if accompanied by a parent). We want the child to be comfortable playing the violin with a professional.

Can I rent my violin for playing at home?

Yes, you can rent the violin at this rate for 3 days per week or 2 weeks per week for longer periods of time. Contact

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How do I know if my violin is valuable? – Learn Violin Dvd
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