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It’s very difficult to measure that. So when you buy a violin for, say, $50, it would depend very much on the market conditions, but the question is what’s the intrinsic value of that violin. What does the violin look like? Because we just don’t know that yet [laughs], it seems to be impossible, if a new piece of machinery cost you the same or less as your average violin, it’s not so easy to go through that process of going, ‘Well, I’d like a violin that costs less than that, I’ll go and buy one and I think it would be pretty interesting to play with the more expensive one’.

So if you have a violin that costs $5,000 that looks very similar to your average violin but cost $5,000 that looks like a million dollar model. I was looking at two violins one after another and it turns out that these models were very close, like a thousand, or like a dollar, but then on the next page you see a violin that is just a thousand dollars, a thousand dollar violin – which is obviously more expensive than an average violin.

So I think what our goal shouldn’t be to know what’s the intrinsic value of a particular instrument. What we should be doing is to determine what’s the relative value of different instruments. That’s kind of what we’ve been trying to do, and what it looks like, is it’s interesting to find out how some violin is more valuable than some other violin; it’s very interesting to find out how some violin may be more valuable than other instruments, depending on where we are in the world.

What you have to realize is that our problem is that we’ve been studying a world that doesn’t exist. So there wasn’t even a world that existed where there were only two violins. And there was some period in time where there were only two violins, but there is only one violin in the world. And the world that exists is very different from the world that we live in, so we don’t know if the price of a violin has increased over the period we’re studying to one dollar. We don’t know if it’s increased in any meaningful way. So we don’t know if there are less expensive instruments out there at the same value or in the same order of value or if there are more expensive instruments and they are more valuable as a result.

In your experience, do people have a different perception of the value of a given

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Do violins increase in value? – Learn Violin App
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