Do violins improve with age? – How To Learn The Piano For Beginners

And what age do you choose?

I’ve spent my entire career playing violin, and I have not ever heard any one violin perform very well past their years. It takes years of playing to understand the sound of a given violin. It’s like learning to speak.

However, I have discovered that violinists are young at heart. They love the musical adventure of it, and they tend to have great fun with it.

Why do you play violin?

Because my parents are classical musicians, and we can’t afford to buy a classical violin. So violin is one of the only instruments where I can truly be “a regular musician” at that level.

But playing violin is my great passion, and I want to keep it that way.

Why do you want to teach?

It’s a great opportunity and a great challenge. First, I want to improve my own teaching abilities. And second, I want to grow the repertoire of the entire classical music world.

Who would you like my teaching students to be?

I’d like to make sure that the students are motivated and passionate about the world of classical viola. I’d like them to learn to play something that’s “new” and “interesting”.

Who will you be teaching?

I am planning a yearlong program in my home town of Pisa, Italy. My goal is to teach all classes at a pace which fits the student’s schedule and their levels of playing. However, this isn’t mandatory.

Any advice for someone interested in becoming a teacher?

I have found that the most important part of my teaching experience is the interaction; you have to learn about your students before you can actually teach them. I would prefer if students had to show me proof of ability to perform and to practice the piece.
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But I have a long history of teacher training in the world of jazz, classical, classical bass, jazz horn, piano, orchestral instruments and voice. I think this is important to know.

The best advice I can give a potential teacher is this: you have to love it. You have to be passionate about it! It’s a job, and you have to be dedicated. It’s not something that people just have to do. As long as you’re motivated and passionate about it, and you’re not afraid to ask questions, a few extra years in this business will definitely pay major dividends.

To prepare, I’ve

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Do violins improve with age? – How To Learn The Piano For Beginners
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