Can you learn violin at any age? – How To Teach Violin Online

A: Many schools in the UK have the option of starting lessons at ten. If you are interested in getting started, there is lots of online and print resources available, as well as an option to take online lessons at your local university. Most school programmes are not fully accredited by the National Society for Playwrights, so the information I’ll be mentioning here is more in line with what you’re likely to find at a school. You can access free playwrights courses from the Salford Playwrights’ Trust website.

Q: Tell us about your teaching background and your career as a teacher.

A: I started off teaching in a secondary school as a tutor and then taught in a primary school. Over the years I’ve worked with children and adults, from the bottom of the classroom, to the highest levels of the professional world. I’m currently the Head of a leading nursery school, although some of my past work has included teaching in primary schools, secondary schools and now special needs schools. I joined the theatre team at the beginning of 2010.

As a member of the writing team, I offer a broad range of teaching and support services – from rehearsals, workshops, coaching, writing workshops, and group playwriting for a variety of audiences. The theatre team supports its writers with all aspects of the production, from planning to writing to casting, so if you feel you’re ready, do get in touch!

Q: What have you learned through your teaching and performing career?

A: I’ve learnt an extraordinary amount since starting my first classes on stage. Teaching has taught me not to be afraid to speak out in public, I’ve learned to say things that might otherwise go unspoken, to trust my students to make their own decisions, and that all people should enjoy the same rights and privileges. I’ve been fortunate to have a strong community that I can look to as a source of inspiration. I also am grateful for the opportunity to connect with some amazing people, who have made such a difference to my life, and who have all taught me much about the importance of working together for the greater good.

Q: What lessons have you gained from teaching?

A: I’m lucky to work with a great bunch of talented women. I learn a great deal from watching others work, from giving feedback at rehearsals to coaching and mentoring. I also learn a great deal from meeting the students and their parents. This helps me know what their expectations are,

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Can you learn violin at any age? – How To Teach Violin Online
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