Can violin be self taught? – How To Teach Violin Online

No, violin is so sensitive it makes any violin player feel like a complete non-musician because we do not understand every instrument.

We can also pick up an instrument, but not a violin.

How do you know if a violin or a viola or a cello is not self taught?

The teacher must demonstrate how to play that instrument. You will learn a lot from the teacher.

Where do I start to play violin?

Start with the basics.

Do you play any songs on your violin?

Yes. I have written two music videos and you can watch them here

Do you have any tips for teaching in the classroom? Or what do you prefer?

I like to work with children with disabilities (or the ability to play one of those physical things we cannot play properly) and I am happy to teach in the classroom if I need to.

I work best with younger children or those who do not have as much knowledge about how to play instruments as they do.

So what can an individual do to learn?

Take a great interest first in this wonderful game you play with the violin. Have fun with it and try to learn something new.

What is the teacher role?

You are the instructor or coach of the teacher who teaches the lessons. You must have the ability to listen to your student play before hand and then explain it.

Also, a good lesson must be fun, not only teaching and fun for the teacher. If you are too strict you might put the child down.

Have a big passion for the violin. Be proud of your progress and remember it will not keep you from a good career.

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Can violin be self taught? – How To Teach Violin Online
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