Can violin be self taught? – Best Way To Learn Violin

This is true, and indeed a wonderful skill has developed over the past 25 years. If you would like to study how to get better at violin, and then give it a try in an orchestra or band, you should start with the following principles.

1) Practice, practice, practice!

When you first start, remember that your first lesson on a violin is a very important one. You should try to practice enough to stay in your comfort zone. For example, on the first day (I find it better) you need to play to a “warmdown” section of the same piece. That means your attention needs to be on playing as you would normally, with all your senses and all you can possibly do at that point in time.

Try to play to an A major scale with your head and fingers in an exaggerated position (the thumb and index fingers close to your ears, the middle finger and the ring finger close to each other, and the pinky and little finger closest to your body) to get a feel for the feel of the string. Keep these in mind throughout your practice sessions.

If you’re having difficulties, it’s much better to leave some sections of the piece to practice alone (so your voice starts to take shape) until you get it right. It doesn’t take much more time to practice something you are comfortable with, you’ll find that once you get it right, it becomes automatic, so don’t worry too much.

For example, if you are playing a piece like “La Traviata” or “Ode to Joy” and feel that you can’t get close to your “hot hand”, it’s probably because you’re not performing for your “hot” hand, the one that is ready and able to go for a few hours/hrs at a time.

2) Practice when you have time!

is the real hard part. You need to let your body relax so it can absorb the lessons. Try to practice with no pressure as long as you can bear it. At the beginning you don’t need to worry about your body being in a “warm” but moreso about your mind being cool and relaxed. Try to find a rhythm, rhythm that’s just right, the exact same one you would normally play when you’re just practicing with any other instruments you are familiar with.

Once you achieve this, you can go back to the lesson, or try to practice the entire piece, not just

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Can violin be self taught? – Best Way To Learn Violin
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