Can I teach myself the violin? – How To Learn Piano Online

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Of course! It is a very interesting experience and very useful. I love to learn, to watch, to listen. I have a lot of fun. I love the violin so much that the piano is an option, but I’ve always liked the violin better.

What makes it different from other classical instruments?

It is very clear. The beauty of the voice and the ability to improvise is quite unique, compared to a guitar or a piano. And the voice is just something you can always take apart and reassemble. It doesn’t take years to learn and get good. I’ve never had problems in playing it but there were times when I couldn’t. In fact, it used to be harder to play for me for some reason. But now, it is really easy and I have a very good feel for what I am doing now. So, with different people, you can have very good performance in a small room – just like a violin. The difference is a little more on the technical side. We don’t need the teacher, because you can tell what you want to do, and you know the melody. This instrument, like the violin, is very much like a family to me.

What did you say to your brother when he asked you to give it up?

There have been several times. They always said one day the violin would come to me, and now it does. I’ve had two new violins since I was 16 [laughs]. I have started a violin lesson business. I am taking lessons in London from one of the London Conservatories of Music, with the permission of the English State Music Academy. I taught several of them. One of the most difficult things was the technical side, being able to play fast and be able to play at that tempo. I had to put up with them making me run my hand through a piece. I never learned this part. I had to learn it in the middle, while playing fast. I had to make it sound really slow until I learned it and then I learned fast again.

Your performance on an American TV programme was very good. Did you get any letters from them? (MTV)

Yes, at least some of them. Sometimes you just do what they say.

Do you speak fluent English?

I do speak English pretty well. At home, sometimes I have to learn Italian, or German or Swedish after I come home. I’m the first-born in my

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Can I teach myself the violin? – How To Learn Piano Online
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