Can I start learn violin at 30? – Violin Classes Near Me With Fees

Absolutely! If you’re interested in joining the next generation of music lovers with the same passion and drive as our previous generation, then come join us.

What’s the difference between learning to make music than playing instrument?

You’ll need an instrument to learn and study classical and instrumental music theory and practice. But once you learn to play well, the two go hand in hand, giving you the ultimate competitive edge of having a natural understanding of what makes the sound or musical qualities unique for each instrument and style. As a beginner you will need to start with a variety of instruments with lots of practice. With every piece you learn, you can experiment with each new musical aspect, and continue to get better.

How much will it cost to join the lessons and learn this amazing skill?

We expect to pay approximately €500 for all three lesson courses so we’d like to make it affordable to all people. This can include all you need to start, from the first lesson to fully learning your entire set of instruments like violin and viola for instance.

When are the lessons?

Start in February – March, so you have plenty of time to learn and refine your skills, practice to get ready for the next full day lesson, and keep up with the community of players who are studying with us.

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Can I start learn violin at 30? – Violin Classes Near Me With Fees
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