Can I learn violin at 40? – How To Learn To Play The Piano For Beginners

As with most things in life, there is a set time in one’s career for becoming proficient.

For many players, this time is much earlier when they start taking lessons. For others, like yourself, it can be much later, but it’s always worth knowing when your current skill level is at your best.

My violin teacher is over 40 years old. I’m just starting this new program at this particular school, and I have been learning at a slow rate. I think I could learn violin at 70, maybe even 80.

Does this mean I will never learn violin?

You may be surprised to know that when you start the program at some schools, you may come out a little weaker than in the beginning. For some, like mine, it’s because it’s harder at that particular school, but most schools will pick you up again once you are stronger.

You will almost certainly get stronger over time as your playing improves. However most of the time, you will improve more slowly than I did. The first few years you will probably improve a little bit more than I did, but that will probably take about 10 years!

Will I never know what it’s like to be good at something if I don’t have teachers to do it for you and for me?

That’s a difficult question! It depends on a person’s personality, their interests, their goals. Everyone has different goals in education. In the best interest of everyone involved, the goal should be to make learning as rewarding as possible, and a teacher is a way of doing that. However, there are many situations, including this one, in which a teacher will do all or most of the teaching for a particular student. In these cases, there is no question that you really need to go out, take classes of the right type, and get to know the students well.

That being said, the same guidelines apply to all students: you may find that the teacher is too good to go out and take classes yourself, and you probably won’t need or want to take classes to improve your game over time. But, there’s also a lot of stuff you can do in the classroom that you may find helpful, if you wish to.

Where should I learn Violin and how much does it cost?

The first two articles in this guide were written in the aftermath of that recent blog, about the cost of private lessons (about $150-$250 per night) at

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Can I learn violin at 40? – How To Learn To Play The Piano For Beginners
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