Can a violinist play cello? – How To Learn Violin Faster Pussycat You’re

Yes and no. A violinist can only play cello if he has played it in a traditional school. A violinist must also have studied violin classes and have been playing the instrument for at least 5 years. A violinist doesn’t have to play the instrument well but he or she does have to have the ability and interest to play. There are many violinists that are still active in their local community and they play the instrument very well.

If I have been playing the violin for several years I have the right to quit.

No, you can’t quit. There is absolutely no way to know why you quit. If you quit after a couple of years you won’t be able to play, and if you quit after a few years you won’t be able to maintain your skills with the instrument.

Do I need a master’s degree or any other specialized training in order to play violin?

Yes, you do need to earn a B.Sc. or Ph.D. degree in order to play the violin, but the requirements aren’t set in stone, only established, with the exceptions, which are listed below.

How much practice time must I need for my B.S. / Ph.D. degrees?

A B.S. certificate is required for the B.Sc. – The first four years are sufficient. However, it is recommended that you have an active practice period in each of those years. If you don’t have any practice in those years you are not qualified to play the instrument.

A Ph.D. is required to play an instrument with a doctorate degree, at a Ph.D. program. However, these require that you complete three years of course work at the graduate level. If you are not qualified to earn a master’s degree with a Ph.D. degree then you are not qualified to earn an instrument with a doctorate degree.

How much money do I need?

A starting fee is $7,000/year, and increases monthly based on performance, so start your application early if you are interested in attending a top-caliber university.

What is a master’s degree in violin?

A master’s degree in violin is an advanced course course, requiring four years of full-time study, and is offered online at a program of your choice. In order to obtain a master’s degree in violin you must be academically prepared for the program.

Are the programs

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Can a violinist play cello? – How To Learn Violin Faster Pussycat You’re
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