Can a violinist play cello? – Best Way To Learn Piano At Home

A cello can be played by someone who has a fairly small range of skill. So this is why I asked whether there is a limit to the skill of a violinist.

Well that’s quite important in my view but what if we had a limit? After all we could say for instance that a violinist who plays in 4 octaves might do a little better than a violinist playing in 6 octaves – but what if there is a limit? A lot of times, a limit is not apparent – some kind of rule – an absolute number between which there cannot be variation. But what about the question: how does one know if a number is not specific?

There are a lot of questions here and I have tried to think through these topics in some detail.

The concept of the “true” note is a very basic one. An accurate reproduction of a musician’s playing is possible only when he has a very good eye. However, there are a lot of errors that can occur if there are certain errors in the notes, and we can think of those as a bit like a piano playing errors. An example of a piano playing error is when the keys are not placed in a very precise and even spacing – and that makes the sounds not very pleasing. Similarly as there are differences in notes when they are played on different instruments, we can think of those as errors. And of course these could be more than a tiny error.

It’s difficult to get a good eye in the way of reading notes. But if we know that only an educated person like me can understand them, we know that there’s no limit to the range of skill we can have. So how many notes can a violinist play at once?

It must be said that I have never seen any research on that topic, let alone written any technical literature. This is partly because of the fact that there are some very different concepts in different areas.

So I can’t talk about it directly. But I think that if I ask a musician how many notes he can play at once, he might tell me a number of notes – but he won’t say how many he is able to play at once. This is because one cannot expect to learn how many different different notes you are able to play in a certain time, as this would be impossible. So the idea of a “standard” was the first attempt to get rid of this problem. The idea was that when we learned our first piano, the

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Can a violinist play cello? – Best Way To Learn Piano At Home
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