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A cellist makes music from the strings, and a viola is a cello. This is a fascinating question—not to mention a confusing one.

First of all, it is important to recognize that the term “violinist” refers to the instrument itself, its construction and the instruments used to play it (a viola is no different than any other instrument—we can pick whatever we like). A violinist can play any other instrument that works well with the orchestra. It is important, however, to note that not all orchestra performances are played viola—a clarinetist’s primary role is to play chords (or even the “vibrato”) and then add a touch of color to the music. And, though the cello and the piano might both be considered violas, a cellist will not play a cello that plays viola.

So, there was once a time when the viola was the “musical instrument,” but that did not mean the strings had no role to play. There are indeed cellists who use these instruments, but they just happen to be playing a specific instrument to their style. The cellist is the violin and viola player that is making music; the cellist is the cello and piano player that is playing their music for you. We can also play two different kinds of music—for example, jazz, and classical—with the same style using different instruments.

The violin, viola, cello, and clarinet are all instruments that produce sounds.

There are also cellos that produce sounds, but with different sounds for certain parts of a song.
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So, as a cellist you want to have the sound you like, and the instruments you like to play with, but not all are created equal.

To learn to play, a cellist needs to acquire the right tools to make the music sound really good. To understand why you need to know about the various types of instruments used to make a cello, a few things about musical instruments:

You will need a cello for every key and key signature. For instance, a bassoon would not make the same sort of a sound as a violin with a different key signature. You will need a cello to play different parts of the music, and that is why you need the cello. The instruments sound different depending on which instrument you use.

There are a number of different kinds of instruments to make a cell

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Can a violinist play a viola? – Learn Violin Online Free
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