Are violins expensive? – Violin Lessons

The instrument is made of high-strength polyurethane and has a weight of almost 300 lbs. (100 kg).

Is the price too high?

The price per hour for our violinists is $35.00 per hour, when we’re providing a lesson of up to 10 hours a week, and we only charge $20.00 a day for the lessons you receive.

We make our prices affordable because we make the instrument in our shop in our studios. We take great care of the instrument and its performance, but at a substantial price. That has been our philosophy for almost two years and our most important philosophy for this mission is customer satisfaction.
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Where does the money for the instruments come from?

We make the strings by hand, as it is the way of the violin maker, while it takes some time and money. As a result, you have no idea how much money we are spending on strings every year. It is like being a factory!

How do I know I’m getting one of the best violins in the world?

We sell thousands and thousands of violins each year to the best viola makers all around the world. Each customer reviews violins we sell and often they mention them as good or top violin to buy. We try to tell our customers that we carry some special violins, but the vast majority are violins, not guitars, that someone has already paid for.

What are the violin models and what are their features?

If you ask a violin maker in a foreign city, he will tell you a lot of things. One thing he will not tell you is the model of the violin. One of the very best violins in the world, the König Gewandhaus Ludwig, can have only one model. Every violin has a number and a name. Every violin has a name that is unique to the company. If the violins are in factory or a private store, the model has to say in a label on the back. If not the name has to be engraved with a number. Some violins have their names made into little bells for sale.

We know that the König Gewandhaus Ludwig is our biggest seller, so we put a label on it at the very front. The label has our own name and the model number. The König Gewandhaus Ludwig also has the numbers on the body. All Königs, G

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Are violins expensive? – Violin Lessons
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