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Lighting should be either direct, indirect or both depending on how the video is going to be viewed.

Direct Light – This is the type of lighting that is designed to show an overall image, and if the viewer is going to be looking directly at the camera then this light is a good choice.

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Indirect and/or Direct Light – This can be used for a variety of purposes such as for video to highlight specific objects, for animation, for a light show, etc. This type of lighting is usually used for more extreme applications where it can help to portray an image in better quality or make the whole video look bigger.

Lighting for Animated Videos: How to Use Lighting to Make Your Animated Video Pop

We’ve covered how to make your youtube video look like that of an animated video, but what if you are trying to get people to look at your video in a manner that they might not have expected to see?

When it comes to animated video on youtube you have a few options to choose from.

Firstly you can use direct light, which is when you throw a light in the distance or light up an object or area. This is usually done by using a flash or the camera will show a blur or flash around the area you want to see. When it comes to indirect light you can use a flash or lights to show a specific part of the scene. The more light an object has the bigger it is being shown.

In the video we made below an animation was shown of a car turning around and going from one side of the screen to the other and it had some light from the street on it.

In this video we show a scene with a camera walking around a house with different colored lights. You can see how the house is different depending on the light on it. If all of the light is on the outside of the house this would look dark and flat. This light on the outside would stand out because it is on there to make it look brighter.

The second option is you can set up the lighting manually. There are 3 methods that do that, manually controlling the light from your camera, changing the lighting color of the wall as well as adjusting the amount of light given off by your lights manually. The difference between the two of these methods is that with automatically controlled lighting you set up the light manually and it usually has some more customization to it.

The third option that we used for this demo was to make the light

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What lighting is best for YouTube videos? – Video For Photographers
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