What lighting is best for YouTube videos? – How To Shoot Videos

Light is incredibly important in making videos for YouTube. That’s why I have spent thousands of hours perfecting my Youtube videos. I’ve spent the last months taking the time to make sure that everything is as high quality as possible, so you can expect the best possible results from the video.

What are some helpful tips for improving YouTube videos?

Try not to do too much editing, because YouTube’s auto-completion system is not very good. It’s the only thing that can screw you up. Here are a few tips that I have taken the time to put together for all the YouTube users:

Always include some audio if people talk during your videos

Never let your video look messy

Try to keep your video as short as possible

Make sure your voice is clean, and your images are strong

Focus on a few elements at a time!

Also, you can learn more about editing your YouTube videos by following these two articles:

I hope you will learn more about YouTube editing and learn how to make the best of the experience. And if you find any technical errors, don’t hesitate to leave a comment here or on my Facebook page (Link above). Also, if you have any video tips, just let me know.

This episode is the third in our podcast Series “The Rise Of Evil”, looking at the emergence of new technologies in human affairs. We have been examining the development of the early Internet in the 1970’s, covering the rise of the home Internet from a concept to a reality.

We will also look at what we are to understand of the Internet as a global platform for communication, by exploring how technology has emerged as the communication network of choice.

We are joined here by Steve Farrar from UC Berkeley:

Here’s a clip of one of Steve’s episodes:

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What lighting is best for YouTube videos? – How To Shoot Videos
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