What is the saddest music video? – How To Film Yourself Walking

I will give away the whole thing! Well I can’t, because I’m making a video and I don’t even know who the people are on it, but it’s heartbreaking. It’s not a good video. It’s like some of those videos I’ve found on Vimeo. But it’s also a good song. It was made from a video I made that has been playing for years in different cities, people who go down to the streets and watch the street performers. I made it from a VDR movie that someone found and I didn’t even know that was the one. It was from a trailer for a movie that I saw and it was the trailer that gave me that idea. I said “Why can’t we do something that goes a little bit deeper?” So I wrote it, I asked for a little bit of money and what did they say? “We need the money for other things.” What do they mean by other things? Well, my friend is an artist who creates music for people and he’s doing something that’s pretty amazing now, like a video on the Internet that I’m doing, this song, so I thought “Well this would be good.” I was a little bit intimidated when I first made it, because I didn’t know anybody and I didn’t know what to think of it. At first I was like “This sucks, but I won’t tell anybody because it’s something I’ll never do.” Eventually I was like “I’ll just let it out because I like it.” So it’s a bit like a confession, I guess. (laughs)

It’s funny you say “confession,” and it’s weird, because I was just asking you what the worst piece of music video you saw was. (laughs)

Oh my god, yeah. There’s so many kinds of music videos that you can experience. There’s music videos that get to you quickly because you’re listening to music and you’re watching it and you feel something, but then you see someone who looks and moves and moves in this way, this rhythm, and you think “Wow, this is really good!” and then you watch a music video on Google just for two minutes and it’s just one long commercial that makes you feel gross. It’s amazing how good a good music video looks. It’s like the ultimate beauty.
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Do you go to see other kinds of music videos?

I go to see film. I don’t watch TV, I watch movies, and I

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What is the saddest music video? – How To Film Yourself Walking
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