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The second most expensive music video is the video for “Eyes of my Mother.” It cost $27,375,000.
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For a music video, the top seven most expensive are (in order):

“My God, What Have I Wrought!” by The Smiths ($5,000,000); “I Am All Myself” by Taylor Swift ($5,000,000); “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by One Direction ($4,500,000); “Good Girl Gone Bad” by Katy Perry ($3,000,000); “Uptight” by Lady Gaga ($2,500,000); “How We Do” by Justin Bieber ($2,250,000); “One Touch” by Taylor Swift ($2,000,000); “No Promises” by Britney Spears ($1,500,000); “Sorry” by Christina Aguilera ($1,500,000); “Let It Go” by Justin Bieber ($1,500,000) and “I Feel It Coming” by Fifth Harmony ($1,500,000).

The highest video of 2017 so far was “Fences,” which cost $12.2 million. So no doubt some of you are scratching your head over the most expensive music video. But when you see the list above and compare it to the top 10, you realize, “The Smiths’ ‘My God,’ What Have I Wrought?’ might look cheaper than Katy Perry’s ‘Eyes Of My Mother’ or Fifth Harmony’s ‘Can’t Let Go,’ but it’s still a very expensive video!”

And when you add all the top 10 videos to the list above, you start to see even bigger numbers.

That’s what “Fences” and “No Promises” are. In a year where $2 billion was spent just to promote movies, music and TV, $12 million for a single music video seems like a rounding error.

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What is the most expensive music video? – Video Techniques For Shooting
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