What is the most expensive music video? – Video Shoot Meaning

The video for “The World Needs a Doctor” is the most expensive song ever recorded. The budget for that song was reportedly $12,000. And it was played for a couple months at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

How is that any better than any other video of a song?

It’s not really a video. It’s kind of the soundtrack of our era; the most expensive music video of the past hundred years. Which was about 25 years ago. And, as I said, it was performed at a very popular public event. It used a lot of old equipment; it was recorded using the very latest technology because it was the height of TV technology on radio. And so many other producers were doing things we just looked at it like, “Hey, we could do this. We could do this in a couple of weeks and make about $500,000 off of this.”

But now you can’t make a video with old tools. And so there’s no big budget, and it’s all on the Internet, and people can just make it for themselves. I’m kind of shocked what can be made.

What about the most popular video of all, a music commercial, that you can’t afford to make?

It might appear on this list, but not because it’s particularly popular. It is not available on YouTube for some reason. You know, I thought that maybe when I was talking to them, that they would tell me if they were going to make it available for free. But unfortunately, they didn’t feel comfortable doing it.

I can see that because some major corporations do, so maybe it makes an appearance on a list. But I really don’t understand why that is the most popular music video, the music video in terms of revenue. Or any other video. If you had the money to do it for $5,000, it might make it on this list, but I don’t know why it’s the most popular music video on the Internet. So I guess I can only do my honest, best guess.

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What is the most expensive music video? – Video Shoot Meaning
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