What is the job outlook for a video editor? – Photography And Videography Classes Near Me

It varies widely depending on the company and specific job category.

Video editors at top publishers

Videos for the likes of YouTube and Netflix are typically edited in a post-production suite that requires a great deal of expertise including software knowledge and tools.

As part of their career, editors at top publishers might earn between $50,000 and $70,000 a year. Those working on more mainstream TV channels could make double that amount.

Video editors at top TV broadcasters

Most video editors at top broadcasters will earn more than $70,000 in a six-month term.

One-third will earn over $100,000 over six months. Of course, broadcasters won’t pay top editors more than their salaries or their own paychecks, but they might look at the type of job they do in terms of the skills and experience needed to get the job done and the opportunities.

Video broadcasters who are just starting out

Many video editors are already working for a variety of big media companies to produce their content and earn the money needed for other careers.

“Typically, most video editors don’t go to television stations and start off as the head video editor, ” said Dan O’Connell, vice president and content producer of TVXtra. “The ideal would be to get into something that is a show that’s already been produced and you already know that a lot of people are interested in.”

“Because of that, they may have other skills they can apply,” he added.

Video editors in a smaller business

Smaller media companies will use the work of the editor to produce content for a wider audience. If you have a broad range of interests and want to move beyond video editing, you might want to consider a career in television or radio broadcasting.

“The general idea has been that if you have a good understanding of the programming and the audience, then the editor for the network can take you out of that and go to another station as a regular camera operator, or the show runner can go and work on whatever project you’re making.” said Ed Schuler, director of the Master of Digital Arts program at the University of Florida. He explained that you might have “a really high degree of autonomy” that a regular editorial team doesn’t.

Video editors with a particular specialty

While there are certain video editing skill sets, there are other skills that are often necessary.

While the title video editor is usually applied

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What is the job outlook for a video editor? – Photography And Videography Classes Near Me
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