What is the job outlook for a video editor? – Learn How To Shoot And Edit Video

To be blunt, it’s not good. The demand is only going to increase. There really isn’t a big industry for video editors. It’s an increasingly niche industry in terms of what it offers, but it has also been the primary focus of the video ecosystem for many years now, and one which has never, to my knowledge, looked at hiring video editors as an alternative to the many other professional jobs available to developers who are looking to become self-employed.

Of course this isn’t to deny the work is important. You have to edit videos to earn your living. It is the nature of the industry; the very nature of the technology, after all. But video is an inherently visual medium, and if, when people try to take that away from you, you feel as if you’ve somehow betrayed something or that you’re being betrayed, you’re really not doing the job well.

And video editing is more than just a job, really it’s an art, and I think that makes it especially vulnerable to a situation where programmers are making money off its art.
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You say you’ve been involved in both startups and established companies. What are the similarities and differences between this industry and startups?

Well, there are a lot of similarities, in fact. Just like in the startup world, the focus of an experienced video editor, artist, or designer is to find a way to make the product you’ve created work by building it around specific needs and constraints – if you’re too far out of date, you have to rewrite it. And it’s a challenge, because any attempt to get something to work by doing it the right way will invariably break it.

Then again, when you’re trying to reinvent the wheel, sometimes it does just work, and sometimes it doesn’t. In both cases, the challenge is that while there is a certain amount of risk involved, with both businesses that are established and those that are new, you’re not in danger of getting your hands dirty doing something you’ve done for a while already.

In the startup world, they can take on a bunch of ideas and then turn them into some cool, profitable product. Once you’ve hit a certain market, with that business model in place, you can then take on a series of similar ideas that make money, and even develop your product into a full business.

But with a video editing company, you’re competing for clients with other companies that already have a product; the idea is that if you

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What is the job outlook for a video editor? – Learn How To Shoot And Edit Video
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