What is the job outlook for a video editor? – How To Shoot A Film By Yourself

The job outlook for an audio editor is better. They are very good paid for audio editing.

The problem is, your job is being completely outsourced (meaning you are being paid for your work) and in the video industry, your video editor must constantly be constantly on top of all their projects, making adjustments, working on them, working on their clients.

So they have a lot of time on their hands and it takes a lot of time to catch up.

When I started, the video company didn’t have any video editors, the only way I would be used was for something that came in from freelancers as a project or something that took forever to complete.

So my editor started using me as their project manager which is a huge asset. He makes sure it gets done on time and it goes off on time and it is paid up. It is also a good way to get in touch with a project manager and say, hey, I need help.

I guess the biggest issue with video editing is, I don’t get paid enough to live.

My editor used to be so cheap as they were paying me for work he was able to do himself. The only way I could get my own salary then was by working for $5000 per month, which is pretty much impossible for a video editor.

I am lucky enough, to have a roommate, who is not as poor as me. And that roommate had me watching a lot of content which is a big help.

I also think that there is such a thing in the industry as “video freelancing” which is great for people to try out as it helps you find someone a reasonable rate.

But, there is such a thing as “vlogging” which is totally different. They are not very common in the industry, but if you are really serious about it, it is a great way to get paid.

It is not rocket science, if you are really serious about it.

One thing I am looking forward to doing now for the foreseeable future, is making my first video video and I want to do it with an online community.

So I was chatting with a fellow editor and he said, “Oh yeah, I heard of you, do you think you could make any video tutorials?”

The best answer I heard was “of course, of course” because I had never thought of it before. I said, “sure, that sounds nice

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What is the job outlook for a video editor? – How To Shoot A Film By Yourself
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