What is the best backdrop color for video? – Blue Shooting

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This is a tough question. In general I try to avoid using shades that are either orange, yellow, or brown because the latter colors can be associated with unpleasant moods, like depression or fatigue. I try to use neutral tones that can make a video seem brighter and make it a little more pleasant. The key is to use your colors sparingly and not let them overwhelm the video. If you have a great looking video then you should have great looks as well. A good example to use would be the “The Legend of Zelda Medley” video or the “Rockabye Heart” video.

For an image to be interesting you need to make it clear to the viewer what it is. In the “Zelda Medley” video I used a neutral tone to make the image interesting. I thought a blue, yellow, or brownish-blue tone would add to the fun and enjoyment of the game. In my own videos I try to make clear to the viewer what the image is, what it means, and what it does. What does it say? This often is very important to the viewer. If the image isn’t clear or it’s confusing for the viewer how do you make the audience understand?

Answering this question is very important for the viewer because if they don’t know what the object means they cannot comprehend what is being conveyed. If the viewer cannot find anything in the picture or isn’t clear what the object is then they won’t be interested in the video. I try to not only show a video and explain what is happening but also let the viewer know what the object is. They just need to look, and if there is a big bright thing to the side that they can’t see they shouldn’t feel threatened when they hear the music or if something happens in the video which looks threatening. The main thing you want to do is just let the viewer know what it is!

In these “Rockabye Heart” videos I was trying to convey a sense of the atmosphere of love, which is why I placed the colors that I showed to create the mood of the video.

One of my other favorite video examples is the “Hangover” video. The idea with this video was to do something really interesting and different. I chose a very neutral tone while still maintaining contrast in the “Hangover” image to make a video that was very enjoyable. This was to make the image fun and exciting without being too dramatic. So basically, I focused on

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What is the best backdrop color for video? – Blue Shooting
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