What is a selfie ring light? – How To Hold A Camera Steady Without A Tripod

A selfie ring light is a light used to light your device from a distance. It’s similar to a phone flashlight, but a ring light that turns on when it detects motion.

It works like a smartphone’s flashlight, but not as well. It can work in the dark without a flashlight, but there’s no need to hold your phone on a table or chair in order to make a selfie.

It can also be used as a regular flashlight for a very brief period of time – less than half a full minute. The LED is more powerful, but the light is more dimmer.

This means it is useful for things such as a wedding rehearsal dinner or a light show, but not something that would need to be pointed directly at you in case someone calls on your phone while you are making or taking a picture. For this reason, it isn’t something that should be used in public places, a coffee shop or anywhere that you are more likely to look directly at someone’s phone while having a conversation or taking a photo.

What does it cost?

There’s currently a one-time fee of $299 for the Ringlight Pro and $299 for the Ringlight Pro+.

Both Ringlight Pro and Ringlight Pro+ ships with a 24-hour kit at no extra cost.

The Ringlight Pro+ ships with a full 24-hour kit. This kit includes a Ringlight Pro and a Ringlight Pro+ for as much as $329.

If you want a “free” kit – you can purchase a Ringlight Pro+ or Ringlight Pro and the accompanying Ringlight Pro Starter Kit for just $499.

See our Ringlight Pro comparison for more details.

Should I buy a Ringlight Pro?

The Ringlight Pro is a very nice piece of kit that has a decent battery life that lasts for several days and a bright beam that is capable of reaching up to 600 yards. The Ringlight Pro is worth its price if you use it for anything, and if you think you’re going to need it in case of an emergency.

However you do it, though, it’s a decent piece of kit that you should definitely consider purchasing. Not only will it help you stay safe, it will also help you make a great selfie. We’d recommend purchasing one if you have your own camera and you want to have your own flashlight.

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What is a selfie ring light? – How To Hold A Camera Steady Without A Tripod
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