What do YouTubers use to edit videos free? – Where To Look When Recording Video

A lot of the folks that I met in gaming, even within the gaming community, use tools called VLC or similar programs.

What is the purpose of these editors in particular?

The purpose was to be able to edit, speed edit, delete and compress videos, and the program also had a lot of options to choose from which would change the size of the video depending on the size of your computer. Also, the editor can use your microphone, your headset and a PC, so what you need is a computer with a microphone.
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The first time I ever used VLC editing tools was when I was working at Microsoft, and I think it was in 2003. The video editor in Microsoft Vista (2004), was the one of the first ones that I used.

The reason the first time I ever used the editor was when I was working for Microsoft, as a designer I found an image, a video from an old game, and a small bit of text. There were no tools to edit it, so I didn’t use it. Then Microsoft decided to have a version of Windows for PCs called XP, and that was the last version of XP, so I had it on my desktop. Then I found a version of the editor called VLC, and I used that once and I never used it again. At the time I didn’t know the right way to start creating videos, so I used the program and it was very useful. Now I have to find tools that I can edit using the editor, and if my friends find out and ask me, I have to find videos that I can edit in the editor that they want to show me, but I haven’t found any software that I can use for editing videos.

How do you work with people on YouTube? How do you explain things so people understand the process better?

I try to explain things to people in simple steps, explaining how the software works. I have never met anyone in the world that has never heard about VLC. A great video editing program isn’t something you get from an office. It is something you have to learn by experimenting and learning from people who have it.

I believe that people should have the opportunity to be creative through free, and I like it better that if you come and learn how to do creative things with it, you can get free access to software.

What if someone were to make a video on a video editing software, but then the video becomes so popular

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What do YouTubers use to edit videos free? – Where To Look When Recording Video
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