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They use their phones. So, how we deal with the privacy and the lack of privacy and the lack of the information, is we know to be there. We know the police should record, don’t we? And we know they shouldn’t have been there and they shouldn’t have had access to our data without our consent.

Do you think that the government and law enforcement officers are always watching where we go?

I do. We use smartphones – I don’t know how many, I have no idea.

It’s like, “What are you looking at?”

It’s amazing. I’ve spent all my life without having a phone in my hand, so I’m like, “If a police officer is watching your phone, then you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing.” And it is a phone.

How many times do you think the phone has been used in a bad way?

Yes, I have a daughter. I have a daughter. And her friends would tell her that somebody called me, and they’re like, “You can’t give any of my data to the police,” [pause]. So, you put their picture up with my picture of someone who doesn’t exist, or your picture, or somebody like them [hangs up] or somebody that’s fake that you don’t have any idea about [hangs up]. I’m just like, “Well – is that it?”

In our society today, does it ever feel unsafe to be outside when you’re working or when you’re home?

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When we get to places, we know that we don’t have any privacy, right? There’s no private space. It’s all public space. But, if I was inside, I would be safer. But because of the fact that I don’t have an exit from anywhere, I never feel alone [in] public.

Do you feel connected by it, or is it just like you get into an auto, and it drives off?

It is just like that. They’re just people who are looking. [crowd laughs].

Is there an idea that you’ve discovered as an artist that’s changed the way you think?

I think in the art world, there are too many artists who get in the ways and try to do too much, because they believe, “I’m the only artist, so maybe I can.” And I’m not. Maybe I do that, and people say

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What cameras do they use in movies? – Dslr Video Production
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