What camera do YouTubers use? – Types Of Videography

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It was a dark December night and you couldn’t help but feel like a criminal. The only real way to get home was through some kind of alleyway, but you couldn’t see in the darkness. As you stepped through the opening, you felt a small thrill at the sight of the police on guard; it was all you could do not to give a small smile to see them there and ready for action.

The alley was dim as you entered, but you could see the outlines of the houses on either side, so you knew it was safe. In case you didn’t see them, maybe they’d get suspicious. Your only hope was to get inside the house. You’d only been here a few minutes, but you could almost feel the heat from the open windows. That didn’t mean you could get a good look through the front windows… and even if you did, someone might see you through the glass. If you were lucky, maybe the authorities would knock.

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There was no way in hell that the police officer who’d come to your rescue wasn’t going to knock on the door. It had to be this way. Once you saw the police, everything went black. It made getting inside the house that much harder. It wasn’t the fact that you couldn’t see anything that was the problem, but that this had no place to go. You were inside what looked like one of the local bars, and the owner was already waiting for you.

“Come in,” he said in a low voice, still dressed in a dark green coat.

Your eyes opened as they did when you stepped inside the little alley. No one was around for a moment, and you glanced around in search of what you were looking for. It was a pile of magazines, most of them empty, scattered everywhere. Nothing looked particularly interesting, but it didn’t really take long to figure out what was. It was a large, empty coffee shop.

“Oh, what an odd place to be,” said the owner, “How long had you been gone?”

“How long?” you asked, not even bothering to hide how you expected the owner to interpret that question. What were you doing here?

The owner glanced at you briefly, then leaned in for a look of approval. “You see, we’re almost exactly one month out of our curfew. We get a lot of business when we get things under control.”

“What business?”

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What camera do YouTubers use? – Types Of Videography
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