Is it better to record vertical or horizontal? – Udemy Dslr Video

For our application, I decided the difference was trivial and went for vertical. It’s what we had available as of writing. I went with horizontal as a base layer for the layer that I wanted to work on.

What are some other options for creating a layer?

I’m a huge fan of Illustrator. It has a ton of layers that are really easy to use and I really appreciated the “tool menu”. Being able to quickly layer multiple objects at once was really helpful for me to quickly get something up and running fast.

In order to change one object to another, I just drag and drop. You can create layers by dragging objects into a layer and creating a new layer as long as you have selected one of them. With Illustrator, you can easily create a new layer and then move, rotate, adjust and scale each object as needed.

When I started to experiment with other tools, I was quite confused at how best to create custom layers. Once I figured it out, I had a very productive month.

Do you like to try new tools or are they just the ones you are comfortable with? Tell us what tool you preferred to use and why.

No it’s just what I use now 🙂

What is your personal workflow?
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I’m usually using several tools and having fun while I create, but I don’t have a process and really can’t say “I use this method because it makes things look cool.” It’s just what I use when I need the speed. I also work on the front-end of the website when I’m not creating layers.

Do you ever want to make custom assets, like backgrounds, or do you prefer to just use the CSS you like, or should you keep the CSS you like?

I don’t really really use the CSS at all. I just take the HTML (which is what we built around) and copy and paste in CSS. There is not a whole lot of differentiation between the front-end and back-end.

What about plugins? Do you use Plugins?

I don’t really use plugins because I’m very new to the process and don’t have much of an understanding of how they work.

I use Adobe After Effects but they all look the same to me and I like having flexibility. The goal for Adobe After Effects is to be “plug and play” allowing you to build pretty much anything you want with it. It’s amazing how

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Is it better to record vertical or horizontal? – Udemy Dslr Video
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