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It’s good to keep things short, but just in case:

* We think we know what’s happening here: President Donald Trump is trying to set things back for a few days after his disastrous inauguration (and the first 100 days) and distract from, yes, that whole “Russia collusion” thing. And, yeah, he’s likely to fail.

* A very smart man — our friend George Conway — had this to say Tuesday morning on the “Meet the Press” program about how we should interpret his statements, especially the “three-and-a-half hour ban on travel” as a way of setting the stage for his promised Muslim ban. “What are the repercussions of this policy for the other stuff we would be interested in doing next week? There’s a pattern here,” Conway said. “I think we’re in for a real shocker.”

It’s possible that all of this is Trump trying to cover his own backside on the subject and distract. But there have been a lot of signs that he’s not going to do that. The most notable is his decision to backtrack on a number of his promises to put a number of immigrants (mostly Muslims) on a deportation list. One reason: His base is already upset.

The biggest worry is that there’s still a sizable faction in this country that believes that immigrants are coming here for the wrong reasons. This is one reason they’d be disappointed if he did anything like what he promised to do on Jan. 25.

Here’s the relevant transcript from “Face the Nation.”

BROWNSTEIN: I think what we’re hearing from the President’s opponents here is that he has no strategy, and they think the strategy is to divide Americans or to blame minorities. That is something I think he should not do. The people that say that, it is not really in the tradition of Ronald Reagan, who was always a great leader, but it is in the tradition of the Democrats, the President-elect, John Lewis, and the other African American leaders, saying the way to get out from under this toxic brew of hate is to say, I am going to stand for everybody in this country that has a problem with the way we treat the black community, the Latino community, the women, the LGBT community, the disabled community — everyone.

And that may not be a strategy, but it’s certainly a

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Is GoPro good for music videos? – Learn Video Shooting And Production
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