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We’ve received calls, emails, and texts asking about the difference between the $20, $30, and maybe even $40-plus per hour rates for video production and editing. So here’s the truth about it. The price of producing a professional quality video at an editorial grade in-house can vary from a few hundred to hundreds of dollars. At a studio and by our rates these numbers are astronomical–and that’s just for one day of editing!

We’ve also seen people asking questions like: “What camera is right for me?” “Should I hire a drone?” “How do I produce video to the highest quality.”

This is a really fun question, and a hard one to answer, especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. We’ve heard so many answers that we’ve broken it down into several sections so you don’t have to. But you can still get some real insight from us. Our biggest tip? Find out what your audience will be willing to pay.

Let me give you some examples from different parts of the world. This is a little subjective, but I would put it this way: In Mexico, you can film an entire day of work and edit together for a lower rate than what we’re charging here in Seattle. The big difference: you won’t have to worry as much about quality control for time and money, because you’ll be flying the camera yourself. In France, you’ll get to do your day of shooting and editing for a lower rate than we’re charging here in Seattle. This is because you’ll be working from home. In Japan, you might be able to shoot from their studio, but you could shoot from another city. Most editors won’t be willing to do this, but it’s pretty rare for a professional to not have access to the tools to edit their own footage.

Now, some of those examples and rates I’ve given here are based on the best models they have available–and for those I’d suggest that you talk to your editor first. If you know your editor and trust them that you’ll be honest and upfront in all of their discussions, make a good pitch in the beginning and you’ll have a more than acceptable chance at the price you’re paying for editing.

Is this a one off, long term thing?

Nope. This is still in its infancy, and our goal is to be the biggest and best independent video production company in the country. It doesn’t matter if this

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How much should I charge for videography? – Online Videography Degree
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