How much should I charge for a 1 minute video? – Documentary Film Camera Techniques

To the average viewer, no. But since we only have one computer, it makes sense to charge this amount once.

How much should I charge for a 5 minute video? For average people, a 4-hour-long video on TV is worth 4 cents. For average people, 10 minutes of a 10-minute video on TV is worth 3 cents. An hour-long clip in 2 hours on TV can be worth a lot more. In terms of dollars, that’s a lot.

The problem is: you don’t know what a clip worth. So, how should we calculate what it is worth?

Let me show you two easy methods:

It’s worth $100. So, $1 would be a good estimate.

$70. So, $1 to be a good estimate.

Since each of these figures is not quite an exact measurement, here are some additional estimates:

$1 = $1.25 = $0.25 per viewer, to $2.50 per viewer,

$1 = $1.50 = $0.50 per viewer, to $3.00 per viewer,

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$1 = $2.50 = $0.50 per viewer, to $6.00 per viewer.

The value of each clip is a good indication of its value.

When comparing estimates on value, you’ll need to understand your audience, and what they want. Your viewer will be the average person watching each clip. You’ll need to know their age, income and education level, their TV viewing habits, and how often they pay attention to the news.

And there’s more to consider, too. For example, people who might have cable TV in a neighborhood with a big cable company often are not interested in watching 4 hours of content in 1 day. This might be because they like the idea of having an “on demand” television service. That doesn’t translate into their cable service. So, a different approach will have to be used.

The key to all this is learning your target viewer’s goals and the tools available to you to make it happen.

Video is often very expensive from a video perspective, but it is also worth more as a medium of expression because, as I’ve said before: what other form of media is free but can be expensive?

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How much should I charge for a 1 minute video? – Documentary Film Camera Techniques
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