How much does it cost to shoot a video? – Shooting Without A Tripod

The answer to this question is simple: not a lot. Video content is cheap. If you are lucky enough to have the budget to shoot quality video, it is also cheap. All you need is a camera and the right lenses, and once you have the camera, you will be able to shoot the kind of footage that will give you the most return on your investment.

The video you are going to post will typically require a professional quality camera with a fast lens, and of course a high quality camera as well.

There is a misconception that one has to have a high-end camera to shoot high-quality video. A high-end camera just allows you to take in more of the image than can be captured in a camera that is “cheap”. But it is not necessary. And no matter what camera you have, it only costs a few dollars more to shoot a quality video than a quality photo.

If you have a DSLR, get ready to spend close to $1,000 for a good camera. If you are a video producer, you’ll spend a few hundred thousand dollars for a video camera. If you are a photographer, you are likely to spend much more.

So don’t worry about “what camera makes more money” – instead buy the hardware that will give you the best value.

For example, most smartphone cameras today are capable of taking some incredibly high definition footage (and do, in fact, produce excellent quality videos of this kind). But even that has been made possible only recently, and the cost to make your own smartphone camera is often much higher (and the quality much lower).

In other words, your video needs to be professional quality to be worth your money.

So how do you decide which camera to buy? First, pick your model and model number. And then look for features that are critical to you. For example, if you are producing professionally shot short video or documentary shorts, you probably want a DSLR camera. If you are creating a short film, or a documentary series, you may want some kind of interchangeable lens camera.

As you look through the camera specifications, notice the features you want to find important to your video production. And then, to get a quick sense of what features are going to be important: check out a camera manual. (Even if you know nothing about video – I encourage you to check out a camera manual every year, and spend some time reading those.)

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How much does it cost to shoot a video? – Shooting Without A Tripod
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