How much does a videographer cost per hour? – How To Video Yourself On Iphone

We’ll use our own data from the last 2 years of VICON data sharing agreements between VICON and our members to find out. We’ll also use our industry friend who collects the information to help us with our calculations, and we’ll be using a few other sources for our estimates.

Here comes the hard part. To start, let’s make the most basic assumption of $100 an hour for a professional videographer. This is based off of the number we were paid in 2014; which was $30 for each 90-minute segment. In other words, a professional videographer earns about $3.50 for an hour of video (which would also be $100 an hour, at least for our case), or about $1.45 an hour in VIA-L.

Let’s also assume the same person is working a full day, every day in an hour-long segment. Let’s also assume each hour consists of 4 segments, because it’s possible to take several minutes of downtime between segments. We’ll also assume each individual segment requires only 30 seconds to shoot.

Assuming these two assumptions, we can then do the math (from the data we have gathered over the years). At this point, we are left with:

$50 per hour = $3.50 x (4 / 120) = 4.2 hours of recording = $100 / (4.2 * 30) = $0.50 x 4.2 = $1.35 per hour = $0.20 per hour x (4.2 + 30) = $0.14 per hour x (30 / (4.2 + 30)) = $0.09 per hour = $0.04 per hour x 100 = $0.0020 per hour

Remember, our goal is to get the best price possible for our members and keep the cost reasonably low.

We’ll need to multiply this cost by the hours per day we need to work before we know how much each person is actually earning. Let’s assume we work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and that we will be making $70,000 a year. The last 2 weeks of our life we will be making $37,000, so our average annual work rate for this year will be $9.60 per hour! Let’s do the math again (and again!) to get an approximate ballpark estimate.

If this were only a day of work, the person would make $10

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How much does a videographer cost per hour? – How To Video Yourself On Iphone
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