How much does a freelance videographer make? – Dslr Video Production

Here’s how much you might earn in freelance videography:

If you work on an hourly rate, you might make $40-$80 per hour.

If you work for a year and get the same result in a video clip—that’s what they call “an awesome day”—you’re likely to earn $25-$50 per hour.

If you work as a freelancer, you’re likely to make less than that. A video editor needs to be good at creating videos on a budget. They might make $25-$40 per hour, if you hire them on a steady schedule.

What if it’s a project where your work isn’t as well received? Or when you find yourself in a situation where you need to take a few months back to rework a video?

You’d want to make sure you have the budget in place to do a video with any of these factors in play—but if you need to cut your losses and come back at a later date to make a higher-quality video, a freelance video blogger (who’s probably going to pay you more) could really step in without too much difficulty.

Step 5: Do Your Homework

I spent a few months putting together an article on my personal website for video editing. The article was really just a very quick list of things to check before you start work and make sure you’re actually looking for video editing jobs.

You can access the post here.

If you look at your resume, you might find some of these items on or in the “Personal information” section.

There are a lot of video editing positions on job boards. If you know what you want and who are looking for it, it’s likely you can find a video editing position. So do some research on these positions before getting started.

Step 6: The Interview

So now you’ve got your resume done. You’ve picked out a few positions for yourself, you’ve made some contacts, and you’ve got more than good-enough content you can show to potential companies.

You know what else? They don’t necessarily need to hire you right now.

The process of interviewing for this type of position is like playing the lottery.

The lottery is a lot of fun and you’re guaranteed to win a decent payout. (We’ll tell you exactly how to win the lottery in the next section.)

Here’s what you’ll need in order to move

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How much does a freelance videographer make? – Dslr Video Production
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