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The answer depends on what you’re trying to do. If you’re looking for a video camera to take video of your family as they play tennis on a sunny day then you might be better off with a higher-resolution camera than with a lower-resolution one. But if you’re trying to take video of your kids at a baby shower or at a church picnic, then a high-resolution digital camera will provide that extra bit of resolution; a medium resolution would be too large to be of much value.

Why are high-resolution image sensors so expensive?

High-resolution image sensors are much more expensive to manufacture than standard-resolution film. At one point the film standard was 200x200mm, which translates to 300 x 300mm, a 4.2x wide. But it cost millions, billions, or even quadrillions dollars to get to that high resolution. That meant that when a company decided they wanted to sell a full-frame camera that took very large high-resolution images, they had all the necessary elements that the big sensor camera manufacturers didn’t need. In a world that’s now filled with low-resolution sensors, the high-resolution market doesn’t make sense.

Are high-resolution lenses really better than standard-resolution lenses?

Low-resolution lenses make a great image, but they are not as good as the high-def images produced by a camera with a high resolution sensor. But a camera with a high resolution sensor can still capture excellent video at a very low resolution, such as 1x zoom, and still provide the best image quality and high-resolution image.

You’d prefer lenses that increase your image resolution, but aren’t able to make a much larger camera or that don’t have a particularly large aperture to begin with? Consider the following:

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If an 8-megapixel standard-resolution lens could do it with just a regular DSLR, then why wouldn’t a camera with a high-resolution sensor do the same thing? And why wouldn’t a camera with a high-resolution sensor have lenses that were bigger, stronger, more expensive, and much less sensitive to hot flashes?

Why is this? When you go from 16 megapixels to 30 megapixels, you also get a huge increase in focal length. The larger a lens is, the more lens elements it actually needs to focus the camera’s light onto the image sensor.

If a camera’s image sensor is a little larger than expected, you can

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How many megapixels is good for a video camera? – Dslr Video Production
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