How long it takes to edit a music video? – Video Shoot Meaning

Do you need to write it down?

You know, we’ve written a lot of music videos. And most of them haven’t had that many edits yet, but we’ve definitely had to do some revisions. We had to do all of the edits for two months [in 2016] and it took about a month to make one edit.

I guess it’s just the nature of working with the internet, so if someone’s not doing a great job, we’re going to take our time and maybe work on a second edit or two, because if we don’t, someone else might beat us to it.

What exactly is a typical week in our world?

This is probably a question that’s hard to answer, really. It probably varies, but one of the times we’re working with a really good artist and we’re producing a really good and interesting video, we might work on it for six to eight hours a day. Or we might put it out on our own and then be working for another hour or so on it, or sometimes we do it from home, so it just depends on what we’re working on.

If someone’s an artist, obviously it doesn’t take much time. I mean, you just go in and add a couple of new effects for the image, make sure everything’s smooth, and then just finish everything off — which is usually pretty quick.

You say at music videos, you usually make one to two edits per hour, what does that mean in studio?

We’re usually making one to two edits. And if I just go in and do a quick edit and edit the video the way I want to do it, which is usually with a few clicks of the mouse to do it, and that’ll be the main piece of work we’ll probably do.

Do you have any ideas for upcoming videos?

For our next music video, I think we’ll try to have another video done next week.
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Have there been any surprises on your schedule?

Yeah, this year I’ve done three of them at once. I think it’s really cool that people are watching it for the first time. There have been a couple of people who come out of it and go, “Wow, this was just so awesome.”

There was this other YouTube channel, KUYH, and their video got over a million views in a day. That’s amazing, and they were kind enough to let me do a

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How long it takes to edit a music video? – Video Shoot Meaning
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