How do you plan a music video shoot? – Videography Courses Uk

“I have a camera, I have lights, I need props and I need cameras in the room. The whole thing takes a couple of hours.”

“We always want to go in blind and go from location to location. Don’t ever give up on your music, and your band. People get excited and it’s one of the greatest things.

I remember when I started out, I had no money and my mom would pay for everything [laughs].”

And, of course, being the guy you are, you work with bands you admire all the time. “I’m from New York and I love New York hip-hop artists. I love when people come in at The Record Plant, I can’t even imagine how it felt to go door to door in New York and talk to the fans, because the audience is always there, the fans love you and you’re able to get that connection. I like those experiences.”

In what manner is a music video about you personally? “It depends what that person likes. If you have a song that really resonates with them emotionally or their soul, that’s the way I work with them. I have my own brand of things, like my “I Don’t Like It” music video. I’ve done some music videos and some music videos involving my friends, some collaborations. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t have a movie and a video. You’ve got to be able to work together.”

It’s been a rough night for the U.S. team at the recent Oceania Games in Malaysia. The team will now try to earn third spot in the tournament by beating the Malaysians, with the USA’s hopes currently being boosted by a big lead in the second half, but they’d be better off not resting.

It started off so well for the Americans. They had the advantage early on by taking the Malaysians scoreless through the first 10 minutes, which is one of their best starts in the competition. They also won the toss and went ahead, which should come as no surprise. They then went back to playing catch up during the rest of the first half, only to have a chance to score from an unlikely spot, as Filipinos Tarek El Moussa scored after a turnover near the end of the half. Then the Americans gave up the lead, and the Malaysians made their comeback.

Just after halftime the Americans found themselves under pressure, but they continued their dominance. Tare

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How do you plan a music video shoot? – Videography Courses Uk
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