How do I record music while playing music on my iPhone? – Videography Tutorial

This is the most commonly asked question on the site but I’m here to give it a quick answer with a couple of tricks.

One, because Apple Music gives every artist full control of their own video, and if they choose they can edit video for the best possible sound/music quality.

Apple is so cool, they actually allowed us the right to send our video to their servers and they have some pretty awesome videos (especially this one from Jay Z) that don’t even need editing to get the best results.

The second thing that I do is record everything in Apple Music, I can also change the volume of the music I’m playing, so everything’s just amazing.

One of my favourite songs ever is this one, it’s also a classic track with a great sample for the intro.

I would love to hear your opinion though, is this the best way to record music in Apple Music? Do you guys get audio in or out, or do you prefer a good sound/video balance?

This was actually my first question and the hardest question to answer, but in the end, the most important thing for us is to give the best possible experience to the fans and we’ve already had a number of great feedback and suggestions from them so I wanted to share what is working and what’s not.

So how do you get good sound/playback?

We do take suggestions from our audiences and I know we have a number of people from our community asking for playback features that they’re unhappy with. I’ll do my best to try to respond to as many as I can within 24 hours and I’ve been extremely happy with the way the response has been.

One of the issues I’m seeing is that Apple doesn’t actually control playback at all so the Apple Music servers don’t respond or actually keep playlists available and it’s really frustrating to receive an email when there’s no playlists available and no email coming back with results. This will all change once Apple changes their approach to push notifications, it’ll be exciting to see how it goes there.

As well the way Apple Music works is that you’ll be prompted with a series of choices, you can choose to listen to music and play it, you can choose to do a play/pause or skip track to choose, you can choose to choose to play with the volume at a specific amount or stop all music.

The one thing Apple does provide is a way to stop playing

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How do I record music while playing music on my iPhone? – Videography Tutorial
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