How do I record a video with music playing? – Learn Video Shoot

To record a video, you just point your phone’s camera at the source of the video and hit record.

From there you can adjust your angle (with both the horizontal and vertical controls on your phone) and adjust the volume for either the front or the back.

Alternatively, just select a photo from the list of images you have shot. Tap the arrow beside the shot photo to see a selection menu where you can select a photo to load, or just double-tap the image you want to load.
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The camera app works fine, too.

You should note that this solution gives no extra functionality for the iPhone or iPod touch.

If you want to edit the video yourself, you must use the Camera app for your Android phone or tablet. From here you can set the video quality, add music to the file as you like, and start recording.

How to add music to a video?

Music on videos on iOS is handled by iTunes. However, you can also record a video and add your music as normal.

Step One: Open iTunes and create a new album.

Step Two: Add the track you want to record in the top box and select the “Add to Library” option at the bottom.

Step Three: Select “Add to Library” and then add any song file from your PC or mobile device to the album. For Macs, add the file to the system ~/Library/Sound\ Music folder.

Step Four: Select any other song files from your PC or mobile device and drag them into the “Add to Library” box. For Macs, you will also need to drag them into the “Choose Folder” box. For Android and the new iPhone, you simply need to drag the files and folders from the folder containing the video, as shown above.

Step Five: Choose this option to add the video to an existing album and press “OK”.

Why should I record a video on iOS?

While you can’t edit the video on an iPhone or iPod touch (at least, not yet), most of the iOS video controls are more convenient than you might expect.

First off, iOS has a lot more flexibility when it comes to switching between video and audio. This comes in handy for a video about a car. With iPhones, you do find the option to switch audio to video with long presses on the microphone button.

What you might not know is that iOS has

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How do I record a video with music playing? – Learn Video Shoot
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