How can I be a YouTuber? – How To Shoot A Film By Yourself

If you’d like to be a YouTuber (you can also become a writer), there’s an easy way, too.

First, we have to tell you something of interest: If you’ve taken the trouble to get on our list of the Top 10 YouTubers on Twitter, you’re a YouTuber.

As a result, you’re probably aware of the fact that you’re on our list and also want to be. This is a sign that you’ll do well on Twitter. Now, you can put the best possible words together to sell your work. We’ve already done that for you!

How do you become a YouTuber?

You can take it easy and write about anything you want. But this can also lead to a long and expensive development process, depending on how expensive your work.

On average, you have to spend several hundred thousand dollars to get your podcast up and running — a sum which can be enormous: $10,000 when a big-name broadcaster like Stephen Colbert makes a YouTube show.

And that takes about 3-5 years to get a podcast up to a certain standard, which should be fairly low nowadays. The process is so time consuming – and it’s not very fun for everyone involved – that it’s become relatively rare.

But if you want to learn more about how to get up and running as a podcast entrepreneur, this episode will give you everything you need to do it!

First you’ll learn everything that you could do to get started and grow as a full-fledged YouTuber! Then I’ll show you 5 simple tools you can put in every podcast for maximum control and effectiveness over your audience.

Here are the five biggest ways to monetize your content:

Social Media

Paid Video Platforms

YouTube, Vimeo and other Video Platforms

Free Online Submissions

And the best part is…

This video is free and only takes a minute.

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How can I be a YouTuber? – How To Shoot A Film By Yourself
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